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TBKS: The Lore

Before TBKS

Childhood (2005-2014) 

Let us return to May 11, 2005, when a boy called Eddy opened his eyes for the first time. His parents had always been gentle with him, but when Eddy behaved badly, he was reprimanded. Generally speaking, his family life was perfect, but in terms of his social life, Eddy was not well. He was always excluded, ignored, chosen last at PE, and bullied because others thought he was different.

The Discovery (2012-2017) 

Eddy is nearly 8 years old when he comes across something different: maybe just a passion or a change? No one can say exactly, but this event profoundly engraved Edoardo to the point of giving it a purpose, to explore and understand the true workings of the universe. Sadly, this event made Edoardo even more isolated, as nobody understood what he was learning. 

A New System (2017-2018) 

It is now March 8, 2018, when Eddy began to give life to a project that is destined to go on forever. After a busy school day, Eddy posted his first video on YouTube and when downloaded, a new world appeared before the young kid as a sudden glitch. 


A new way of thinking has just emerged, like the birth of a new planetary system. But the very first model of this system was a bit different, In fact, Eddy's first project was Ink, in fact Eddy was inspired to the Ink Sans that controls the AU (Alternate Universe) of the Undertale world. Here has come Ink’s most famous motto is “This is my Fire Determination”.  


Unfortunately, Ink's system was destroyed because Eddy believed it wasn't good enough, as many people laughed at him. The death of Ink led to the birth of a new star system, Dragon Soul, that has a planet named Berserk. 


The name Dragon Soul and Berserk, chosen by Eddy, arose out of a series created by “EL” called Tutto Mischiato. But everything changed when the two teens stopped talking to each other definitively. Today, Berserk has the opportunity to recreate everything with his style (maybe that's why Berserk prefers to edit, record and publish all his projects without any help). 



BK Community (2018-2019)  

“From 1st Video to 500 followers” is the name of Berserk's story given in the first chapter of his story on YouTube. He knew many planets including: Red Sun (Shred), Dark Side (Dark), Phoenix Dark (Phoenix), Alex, Black Dust (Dust), ZCriser (Criser), Marika (Mary), Matteo Bronzini (Bronzorg), The Best (Best), The Revenges Brothers (Luca and Davide) and many others. 


But let's start with this: The YouTube Channel had about 50 subscribers when met the first foundational members of the Dragon Soul 308 System. Shred (Terrestrial Planet), Dust (Rocky Planet), Luca (Gas Dwarf), Davide (Dry and Arid Planet) and Carolina (Rocky Planet). In fact, it was through them that Berserk was more or less able to pursue his immense project. And after that, the Berserk Squad was formed, a global alliance whose task was to help the protagonist entertain people in a creative way.  


Let's start with Bronzorg, Berserk's first official collaborator and genuine historical friend, always ready to help the protagonist when he needed it most. Actually, it was thanks to Sapple, or an intergalactic comet that wandered with Bronzorg across the Milky Way that they were looking for collaborators. Another collaborator is Best (inhabitable earth-type planet), a generous and sincere character and very nimble. 

Berserk met Best while the inhabitable planet was taking a holiday in the Milky Way and after a short conversation, the two became collaborators and especially close friends.  


We also have Mary, a gentle and very charismatic oceanic planet, who eventually creates a relationship that lasts a few months between Berserk and Mary (such as love between fire and water). We must not forget Phoenix (Brown Dwarf) and Alex (rocky planet) considered by Berserk as the “galactic brothers” since the trio had common interests. Except that because of a dispute, Alex and Phoenix decided to abandon Berserk because he has different interests from the first two. But sometimes Dragon Soul and Phoenix talk all the time because it was thanks to Berserk that Phoenix managed to make a relationship with Mary.

From Solitude to Closeness (2019-2021) 

After two years of combining long breaks with many videos, Berserk and Dragon Soul have grown the community exponentially. Just that Berserk had no happy days when in his planetary system there were other planets to keep him company. But things changed in 2020 when Berserk encountered 3 new characters: Ender (Gas Planet), Detonator (Terrestrial Planet), and Samu: (Ice Giant). That is about the same age as Berserk, and thus the planetary system had a new alliance called DESF.  


But not only this, actually over a year and a half four other planets were added: Bytzee (cold rocky planet), Ciruzzo (warm rocky planet), Biga (very hot rocky planet), and Piace (very cold but geologically active rocky planet). Still of the same age as Berserk but with special characteristics. In addition, the situation between Berserk, Alex, and Phoenix has subsided, allowing a friendly exchange of information between the Dragon Soul system and the Phoenix system. Eventually, Shred, Dark, and Mary formally became members of the BFA (Berserk Fire Act) which is an alliance superior to the Berserk squad. 


A Historical Discovery (End of 2021) 

Life around the Dragon Soul system was calm, maybe too calm Berserk had noticed too much growth in his YouTube channel, while no one entered his planetary system. So to stop this Berserk asked Dragon Soul to recreate the planetary system and thus a few weeks later, or on November 4, 2021. The planetary system was once again empty, with only one K1 IV star and one lava planet. However, he asked the BFA, the DESF and the other 4 to reintegrate the system and without much hesitation, they all agreed.  


However, one day, Berserk, while he was watching the outer area of the Dragon Soul System. The protagonist notices a solitary gaseous planet with bands of color that range from light blue to indigo. Berserk then went to him to talk to him and so once there both started talking. The name of this heavenly body is Rangadus, and he said it was formed in this region of the planetary system. Only Berserk and seemingly not even Dragon Soul have never noticed.  


Maybe because Berserk was not familiar with the most widely used language of the Milky Way, he learned to speak another language. This is, however, understood by a large group of celestial body situations within the same area of Dragon Soul’s location. Or maybe because Berserk being very scared decided not to explore much of his remaining planetary system. 

A Second Foreign Figure (January – February 2022) 

The friendship between Berserk and Rangadus improved considerably in a short period, although Rangadus was quite grumpy. He knew how to face Berserk and stay serious with him, instead of Berserk with a more spirited character. Trying to make his gassy brother laugh to make him feel good and apologize for leaving him alone for many years. Thus, Rangadus, through profound signals in the most spoken language of the galaxy, calls Slinkee to the Planetary System.  


A rocky planet approximately three times larger than Berserk but curiously with a mass like that of the lava planet. So Slinkee decided to position itself about 17 AU from Dragon Soul to allow the creation of a gravitational highway between Rangadus and Piace. This makes it easier for all planets to move between the different areas of the Dragon Soul 308 system. 

The New Trend (March-April 2022) 

While Dragon Soul was talking to his interstellar siblings, he noticed that Solar (also Dragon Soul's brother) was a bit shaken up, so Dragon Soul asked him why he was upset. Turns out the Solar System has started some rap fighting with Pluto. A dwarf planet wanted to regain its status, and Sol knew that the battle between Pluto and Solar would happen very shortly.  


Then Dragon Soul attempts to reassure and motivate him. A few days later, however, Pluto beat Sol in this duel with little difficulty, triggering a real trend in the interstellar archipelago. Many dwarf planets and planets started to follow the same example of Pluto, attempting to defeat their Planetary System. 


In fact in April also Verenos, another dwarf planet overcame the whole Cemeliz, a sister of Dragon Soul and its system. Thus, the star of the protagonist gets a new headset to start training for future chaos in its system. But some planets in the Dragon Soul system started getting earphones or microphones to prepare for a future rap battle. 

TBKS: Dragon Soul System

New Rap Battles (Early May 2022)

We are in the middle of May and this day is Berserk's billionth birthday, when he decided to give himself headphones and Dragon Soul assisted him in making the purchase. On May 11th, when the headphones arrived, Berserk told Bronzorg the good news, so the lava planet was wearing them and immediately felt different, a new powerful and determined wave begins to flow in the Berserk's Core.  


Then the protagonist asked Bronzorg whether they wanted to challenge him in a rap battle, which he accepted. After the battle, Berserk had never felt so alive, so he says goodbye to his faithful companion and sits down. After approximately two hours, Best, another of his colleagues who rarely saw him, asked him what noises he had heard. Berserk explains everything to the celestial planet with a pastel-coloured ambience. So Best, without much hesitation, picked up his microphone as he began a second rap battle, but this situation did not go unnoticed, in fact Shred and Dark passing by noticed both planets that they were fighting rap.  


Dark remembered the Trend, since he is the second-closest planet to Dragon Soul, very often listened to what his star and his brothers said. Then Dark warned his cousin next to him and without hesitation, Shred went to tell Piace the situation to a close friend of his, because he shares the same passion. As a result, after the battle between Berserk and Best, the Dragon Soul 308 system changed. Since, the story of rap has spread through the entire planetary system. But Berserk was still unconscious of all that, until Mary went to speak to the protagonist. This little blue planet isn't missing a thing. In fact, she has a spy mic that she can use both to see things far away and to speak to her boyfriend, Phoenix.  


“This day is just beginning” said Mary with confidence to poor Berserk and thus, other rap battles have begun. So after defying Mary and Shred, Berserk begins with Dark seeing it differently from normal. “Maybe Dark takes the situation seriously when he gets involved” thought Berserk. But with no great difficulty, the protagonist prevailed. But he didn't notice that, apart from Mary and Shred, there was someone else watching the situation with astonishment.  

The Secret Party (Half May 2022)

After a few days' rest and a video with Bronzorg, Berserk went to the DESF members to see what is going on. He noticed that Detonator, Ender and Samu are united again because they want to make a rap battle with the lava planet and with little hesitation, he managed the battle. As it happens, on the eve of this battle, the Top 7 (Detonator, Ender, Samu, Bytzee, Biga, Ciruzzo and Piace) organized a meeting to discuss Berserk's new skill. They decided to rap battle the main character because it was a new thing to do all together and also, this was a good idea because they haven't done a single thing together as a single Alliance for months. After ending the battle with Detonator, Ender and Samu, the blue ice giant leaves the group before reading the manga, while Ender leaves Detonator and Berserk to fix his bulb. While the pale green planet with the blue atmosphere decide to go with Berserk to the four others for the next Rap Battles tour. 


In the meantime, Bytzee, Biga, Ciruzzo, and Piace were talking about a secret party that the top 7 organized for Berserk. But, the lava planet joined, causing them to be interrupted and starting the rap battles. 


Berserk turned into an ice junk during the first round with Bytzee because of the cold, but Biga restored his temperature and allowed him to continue the party. At the same time, Ender joined the squad too. At some point, Berserk experienced a strange phenomenon, as if an internal voice was speaking to him to assist him in his fight against Ciruzzo, and so it did. Berserk receives a new wave of energy that allows him to hold a unique sphere with a ring of 12 spikes, and he becomes louder, faster, and more determined, without noticing Samu that joined a few moments back.  


Piace was afraid due to Berserk's powerful state, but the lava planet ensured that Piace remained calm and allowed the final rap battle of the set to begin. Following the song's end, everyone came together to celebrate Berserk's billionth birthday with him. In a matter of seconds, almost all planets in the system celebrate their birthdays with a special song and an amazing cake. 

A Total Chaos (Late May 2022)

Due to the system's calm state for a few days, Berserk decided to check on his brother Rangadus since he hadn't been in his sky for a while. So, the System's most external region was reached by him when he encounters Slinkee. The lava asked about his big brother, but the purple planet with rings didn't see it. Despite this, Slinkee provided him with a brief training session on how to enhance his night vision. 


Within a split second after the rap battle, Rangadus appeared in a flash. Berserk was surprised and Slinkee left the group. Rangadus was still angry because his brother had left him alone for a long time. He was also concerned about all of these rap battles, as he believes they could be harmful to the stability of the system. Despite Berserk's pressure on the gas giant, Rangadus agreed to the rap battle. 


Unfortunately, right before the end of the song, Ink in a black hole morph, with a Brown dwarf called Tyche appeared at the edges of the system. Resulting in instability throughout the system and causing a great deal of anger in Rangadus. Because he thinks that his brother caused all of this mess, but he still decided to take him closer to Dragon Soul because Ink is approaching quickly. 


Panic gripped every planet in the system as they approached Dragon Soul but, an idea came to the mind of the soul who appeared in Berserk while singing Ciruzzo's Song, also referred to as “Fire Determination”: Singing together to repel the black hole. After some discussion, everyone begins singing. 


While Berserk is powered up, it appears to be functioning, but only temporarily because, Ink's gravitational influence was so strong that it reached the closest zone of the system after only a few moments. “We Need More Power!” said Fire Determination.  

But after some time, Dragon Soul gained some self-assurance and was now ready to sing and represent the final rap battle in the system. After three excruciating minutes, Dragon Soul, Fire Determination, and Berserk were able to defeat the two intruders and lead again in total peace

TBKS: Old Memories

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