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The BerserK Showdown

What's The BerserK Showdown?

"The BerserK Showdown" is my first Friday Night Funkin Mod. FNF is a rhythm game made on Newgrounds where you have to press keynotes while the music is playing in the background.


The original game is quite fun, thanks to engines (like Psych and OS), this game can be modified as much as you like, you can also add characters, songs, scripts, and much more interesting stuff.

If you want to discover the TBKS mod, click the red button below.

The Berserk Showdown.png

Who is working on TBKS?

Not only Berserk 308 and Digital Hourglass are working on this magnificent project but also other people are currently active in the TBKS Team so let's introduce them!


Berserk 308: Composer (Instrumental), Graphical Aspects, and more.

Digital Hourglass: Composer (Voices), Graphical Aspects, and more.

Voided Battery: Scripter, Dialogue.

Beaudry: Icons Spritesheets.

Snazzy Ostrich: Custom Texture note of Berserk

Kingdom Of Saulo: Secondary Composer (Voices).

Fire Determination.png

What's The Story of TBKS?

Berserk is a red-orange lava-type planet. On the Day of his Birthday, he decides to buy a set of headphones for listening to music, but when he puts them on for the first time. He immediately feels more determined and he decided to rap battle with one of his closest friends, a green terrestrial planet called, Bronzorg.

After a while Best, another terrestrial planet, decide to rap battle the lava planet, but this time he isn't alone because, in the distance, someone is watching the two planets with seriousness and confusion...

New BK Sprite 1_Tavola disegno 1.png

Why was The BerserK Showdown Born?

Everything starts with Pluto's Reprisal, the first Solar System Showdown when Digital Hourglass decided to publish the 1st Episode on YouTube in February 2022. I got so excited about that mod in May 2022 that I decided to join "The Digital Hourglass" discord server and I understand the basics of drawing planet with Adobe Illustrator.

After months of learning and practicing, in November of the same year, it was time to start to working on TBKS.

How is it Possible to Make a mod like TBKS?

A lot of software needs for making this project but luckily some of them are free for everyone like Microsoft Visual Studio or Audacity. 

While other programs like Adobe Illustrator and FL Studio aren't free and you have to buy them. That's why you can also find free alternative solutions to make similar results as the others.

But In conclusion, you need an app that helps you to:

- Drawings (Adobe Illustrator)

- Making the Backgrounds (Space Engine and Photoshop)
- Coding (Microsoft Visual Studio)

- Composing (FL Studio)

- Spritesheet Maker (XML Generator)
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