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YouTube & Bio

Berserk 308 is the name of my YouTube channel.
My story starts on 2nd March 2018, when I was 13, I decided to create my first video on this platform to entertain people according to my opinion. Every day I upload new videos on YouTube, so I decided to make it clear to everyone who I am, and who I will be.

I reached 100 subscribers in a short time, but I know that if I continue to publish videos of the same game multiple times, my channel will be boring. Bringing new content it's not easy, since few people will watch that video, but I don't care if a video will have more dislikes than likes. If someone insults me at random, but the best thing to do is to wait for YouTube to delete the comment.

After six months, I reached 500 subscribers, an excellent goal, but I know that to be successful, I have to work hard to achieve great goals!

Finally, in mid-April 2020 I managed to reach 1000 subscribers! I was very happy about my enormous success, so I began to dream big about reaching 10k subscribers.

On 11th November 2020, unfortunately, I decided to restart the entire channel due to too many fake subscribers who did not show up in livestreaming, I understand that all these subscribers have been collecting since I started Fortnite.

The story is still not finished because we are at the beginning of April 2021, and it's not the best period for the whole channel, so I decided to take a break until January 2022, when I choose to publish videos.

It's the start of May 2022, and I meet someone that could change my entire community. I'm talking about the community of discord “The Digital Hourglass” led by the YouTuber Digital Hourglass.

After months of friendly conversations, I decided to create a fascinating project that could be difficult and funny at the same time. The name of this project is The BerserK Showdown.


Collaborator List!

Here are all of my best friends and colleagues of this fantastic project:


Team Leader.


The Instagram community is populated by people of every age, which is good for me since I've decided to create my account here too.

I decided to show my creative side, but with seriousness, and that's why I never smile.


I left the trace here too because I want to publish something on this giant social media. Although I have my account here too, I don't use this social like everyone else because I think it's for adults.

If the community does not have other social media channels, they can always contact me.

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Community's Home

I finally decided to set my print on Discord around 2018. It's awesome to build the server step by step, but for reaching this goal the server wasn't always so calm, because due to hackers. Someone managed to raid my server with a huge amount of bots that spam multiple messages no stop. But now the server is a great place for resting, making friends, and enjoying the new updates from Berserk.


If you want to support me, consider to donate to me with PayPal. Generous people can donate money thanks to this platform for everyone who has a big project just like mine. If you want to donate to me, I will share the donation in my Instagram Reels.

Official Online Store

In my online shop, you can find t-shirts, mugs, posters, and much more stuff. So what are you waiting for to explore this virtual venue?

Monthly Support

Patreon is a platform for designers who thank the support of their fans with a subscription of €5 per month will begin to support their beloved Streamer/YouTuber.

Would you like to put up with your precious Berserk 308?

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